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Improve your journey to pregnancy through fitness, nutrition and wellbeing. Our programs are designed help you with tools and resources for a better and smoother journey into pregnancy and beyond. 

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Fit & Fab Pre-Pregnancy Program

Nicole's Fit & Fabulous program is the first fitness & wellness online program for women planning to conceive. It includes nutritional tips and it’s suitable to all fitness levels

Personal Consultation With Nicole

One-on-one 70 minute consultation and assessment with Nicole. This session will leave you feeling inspired with a plan of action tailored to your needs to improve your lifestyle whilst trying to conceive.

Ultimate Fit & Fab Experience

Full access to Fit & Fab Online Pre-Pregnancy Program with 3 x One-to-one 60 minute personal consultations throughout the program. You will receive step-step guidance and support throughout your journey.

"After discovering Nicole's Fit & Fab program, I think things are about to change.
I'm on m onth one and there's some much I LOVE about this workout regime so far



Nicole brodie's, Fit and Fab program is the best exercise program I have come across so far to help guide you through a pre and post pregnancy workout routine program

Dr. Marc Sklar
The fertility expert

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